Gurra Downs overlooks the Gurra Gurra wetlands in South Australia's Riverland, the nation's dominant wine grape region. The Reilly family established the vineyard and delight in a continuing hands-on involvement. They are proud of their Riverland heritage, their links to be region's boutique winegrowers, and their organic farming practices.

Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines take pride of place, and clearly relish the alluvial soils the Murray has deposited here over the ages. These along with arid Summers and bountiful sun-ripening enhance the development of big bold reds.

Climate: The Riverland enjoys a Mediterranean climate with most of the rain falling over the Winter months. Summers are relatively dry and hot, and heat wave events can deliver a sequence of days with recordings soaring to the mid-forties (Celcius). Summer here is not a season of half-measures so it should come as no surprise that Riverland reds vary significantly in character and complexity to cool region offerings.

Environmental: The Reillys are committed to the environmentally-sustainable. With neighbours John and Toni Schwarz they are developing a fauna sanctuary over the adjoining properties. A plot of natural bushland serves as a nursery for bettongs and potoroos, and a breeding colony of Cape Barren Geese has been established.

These latter and a flock of White Chinese Geese double as weedeaters in the vineyard. A significant acreage is enclosed against feral predation behind two metre-high mesh fencing. The Gurra Gurra shoreline once more offers refuge to native tortoises and birdlife.

The families have established a not-for-profit organisation GURRA WET to administer funds sourced from Rooby Boo wine sales. GURRA WET is charged with using this income for the rehabilitation of Riverland wetlands.

Organic Certification: Although vintages available currently do not carry organic certifications, Gurra Downs is now an organic-certified grower.

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