Plants originate from tissue culture plants from D.P.D. Ltd. who are market leaders for the production of date palms by tissue culture with 35 years experience of high quality, disease-free, true to type date palm plants. Plants have undergone virus screening and DNA fingerprinting. 

Gurra Downs has been importing and marketing tissue culture plants for D.P.D. Ltd. since 2001.

The following varieties are available as nursery stock from the Gurra Downs Research & Development trial site:



BARHEE (bar-he)
Origin: Iraq
Famous major variety very popular in middle-east markets. Fruit is very low in astringency and can be eaten in the 'khalaal' stage when still golden yellow, firm and semi-ripe. If sold at the khalaal stage, fruit is sold on the strand, making whole bunch harvesting possible. Fruit at the yellow khalaal stage is perishable and only has a shelf life of about 2 weeks. Some processors have developed methods of harvesting at khalaal and artificially ripening to extend the shelf life of the fruit.
Fruit turns a light brown to amber when fully ripe, soft with thick flesh, rich flavour of superb quality, requires refrigeration and special packing.
Prolific yielder with crops of 80-120kg regularly reported. Fruit is mid-late season ripening. The palm has a robust appearance with a heavy trunk. Vigorous in nature, although offshoot production can be lean, with reports of seldom more than 6-8 offshoots per palm. There are accounts of Barhee production taking place over a wide range of climate types in the Middle East, India and South Africa.


NURSERY STOCK – Phoenix dactylifera




KHADRAWY (Ku-draw-wi)
Origin: Iraq
This variety has a wide geographical distribution and is well traded in the international marketplace. A semi-dried date of modest size. Dark brown in colour. Described as good, rich in flavour, keeps well.
The height of a mature Khadrawy palm is comparatively less than other varieties. Ripens its fruit early, usually the first variety harvested. Yields around 45-65kg per palm annually. Well adapted to a wide range of conditions.


KHALAS (khal-as)
We are unsure of its origin however it has wide distribution throughout the Arab Gulf.
The fruit from the Khalas palm is highly esteemed and has received lavish praise. Some have described this as the most delicious date in the world. Whilst it can be eaten at the yellow semi-ripe, khalaal stage, it is most famous for its qualities when fully ripe. A soft, mahogany coloured date of medium size. This date has high value and stores well.
A moderately vigorous palm yielding 50-70kg of fruit annually. Produces around 15-20 offshoots per palm.




Yellow khalaal, oval shape, 40-60kg per palm annually. Mid season ripening. Eaten either soft or dried.


Origin: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Yellow and round. Medium to large fruit size. Mid to late season ripening. Soft date described as exquisite.




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