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Australian Organic Dates


Date palms as an ornamental are very popular and grown over a wide geographical area throughout Australia. The date palm is widely adaptable and makes a particularly handsome and hardy ornamental.

The ideal climate for the production of premium table dates is one which has a long, hot dry summer.  The hotter the climate is, the more varieties that will successfully ripen. Districts which have excessive rain or high humidity at the fruit ripening stage will generally encounter fruit spoilage and yield loss problems.  Some varieties are more prone to rain damage than others.


The date palm is a hardy species with high tolerance to salt and extremes in temperature. They can also withstand periods of drought.

Phoenix dactylifera reproduces via offshoots/suckers which are attached at the base or sometimes high up on the truck. If left unmanaged the date palm with its offshoots can grow into large inhospitable clumps. Photo below shows an offshoot.
Date Palm Offshoots
Salinity Tolerance
Planting Date Palm Offshoots
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