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Riverland Barhee Barhi Dates

October 2004


July 2007


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Gurra Downs has been instrumental in establishing and developing the date industry in Australia by helping to set up other growers from all over Australia with date palms. We are able to do this through the importation of tissue culture plants from the UK where they are then cared for in our nursery for a minimum of 3 to 4 years to prepare for field planting. From here, we ship our palms all over Australia and provide assistance on how best to plant and care for them. Gurra Downs acts as a consultant for these growers as well as many other growers from around the world.

Dave and Anita hold the philosophy that helping others to enter and succeed in the industry will encourage more demand for Australian dates and for diversification in the agricultural industry. It also opens the door for more research and development to be undertaken on the Australian date industry.

Through the constant support offered by Gurra Downs, many of our clients from the Riverland and around Australia are now reaching the stage of commercial fruit production. We are extremely proud to see our clients reaching this point and look forward to sharing in an ever-increasing customer-base for Australian dates.

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October 2015


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