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Anita manages the Gurra Downs date palm tissue culture nursery and distribution of plants Australia-wide.  She oversees the day to day administration of the business.  Anita is a director of Gurra Downs Date Company Pty Ltd, Gurra Wet Pty Ltd and a partner of Gurra Downs.

Anita has a background in dryland agriculture, having grown up on her family’s farm in the Murray Mallee. Anita is committed to the organic principles practiced at Gurra Downs, these values are shared with her four children.

Having travelled extensively throughout Australia, Anita enjoys travel into the outback and camping. Family trips have always been planned around school holidays and usually include the evaluation of districts with a potential for date production. Anita also enjoys international travel with her experiences taking her through Europe and South-East Asia. She has also travelled with Dave and their youngest son Jonte through the U.S., Mexico and the Arab Gulf to examine the date industry.

In 2010 Anita received her Diploma in Production Horticulture and in 2012 received an Advanced Diploma of Agriculture. Anita also holds a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing, enabling her to facilitate the training of other farmers/students in date palm management practises.

Anita Reilly Gurra Downs
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